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Friday, September 21, 2007


Brenden of Masoko Tanga has posted a great history of Microscale Space.


Anonymous said...

There's no essay at that page.

Brick tales said...

Hmm, it seems as if Masko Tanga has moved all of their content. Here is the new address for the essay. I think the blog is defunct, but since it is now hosted at a free site (blogspot), it should remain there for the foreseeable future unless the author takes an active step to delete it. Given that they haven't done so and it's been defunct for a year, I'm guessing it will stay up as long as blogspot exists.

Brick tales said...

BTW, I should point out that you're responding to a three year old post. It's not that uncommon for links to go dead on the internet after a time. Glad I was able to find the original source, though.