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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mini milis

I first saw these in pictures from LMO (LEGO MOC-Off) 2007, an annual gathering of Japanese AFOLs, but there weren't good clear pictures. Recently, though, Azumu has posted pictures of his AH-1S Cobra helicopter, his 90 Shiki tank, and his UH-1J helicopter.

While I'm here, someone at LMO 2007 brought this helicopter (a Havoc? an Agusta A129? Does anyone know?).

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Anonymous said...

The canopy is rather similar to the one on the Mi-24 Hind...

FatWilly said...

it's definitely a Mi-24 Hind

Anonymous said...

Mi-24 Hind

Anonymous said...

Tonywing seems to think Mi-24 Hind...or does he? hahahahaa!