Friday, December 10, 2010

Andy's room

Pepa Quin's Andy's room MOC is one of the best things I've ever seen built out of LEGO. It doesn't really fit any of my blogs, since the scale is significantly larger than Miniland scale, but I can highlight this great little airplane:

Even by itself that would be a nice little MOC worth highlighting - made from only 11 pieces and yet instantly recognizable. If I were more of a masochist than I already am, this MOC alone would be enough to prompt one of the other niche blog ideas I at one point entertained - DisneyBricks. There are tons of great MOCs out there, and over the years there have been various Disney licenses - like the Mickey and Minney Creator sets, the Pooh DUPLO line and the more recent broad license including Toy Story, Cars, PoP, and PotC. If any Disney fans out there are interested in starting a niche blog, I'd be happy to help you get it set up.