Monday, May 28, 2007

Set 4484 - Mini X-Wing Fighter and Tie Advanced

Our next set for review is 4484 - Mini X-Wing Fighter and Tie Advanced

In 2003 LEGO released the first sets from the Mini subtheme of the Star Wars theme. These $4.00 sets recreated SW ships in microscale. The first four sets each contained a pair of vehicles, and what can be more iconic than an X-Wing and Vader's TIE Advanced? The X-Wing design was simple and easily replicated (as in my own Rogue Squadron). One disappointment, to me, was that this set included Vader's TIE Advanced, while the normal TIE was only released as a promotional set, 3219. This meant that you could easily buy a squadron of X-Wings, but you ended up with a squadron of TIE Advanced Fighters, but at the same time it was hard to accumulate many TIE Fighters. I'd have rather had the TIE Advanced as the promotional set, because in the end you only need one of those, and have the TIE Fighter bundled in this set. One bonus in this set was a portion of a TIE Bomber. You had to collect all four of the first line of Minis to get the pieces to make the whole TIE Bomber.

Set 4484 guides on Lugnet, Brickset and From Bricks to Bothans. Inventory on Peeron.

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