Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas gift from MisaQa

For each of the past two years MisaQa has created an advent calendar, presenting one new MOC from a theme for each day of December leading up to Christmas. In 2005 it was birds. In 2006 it was dolls dressed up. This year MisaQa has started out the 2007 calendar with a microscale Town Hall. It looks like microscale town is this years theme! Given the previous high quality of MisaQa's creations, I'm pretty excited about this. You can bet that MicroBricks will document this ongoing series.

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MisaQa said...

Thank you about your article on my Advent calendar.

There is both work that mimicked existing building and original design in my calendar. You can read the explanation about my work in my site. ("Town Hall" mimicked Japanese Capitol.)

If you enjoyed my work every day until the Christmas Eve, I am glad!