Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica micro MOCs from BrickCon (by who?). I love how that one viper is integrated with the mosaic.
-Edit- Several BrickCon attendees left comments to identify the builders. Thanks all! The mosaic is by Katie Wood. The small viper in the upper left is by Thomas Lockwood. The other three vipers are based on Chris Deck's design - one is built by Ted Godwin. The other three ships from the ragtag fleet are by Kevin Blocksidge. Very cool display, guys.

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Ted Godwin said...

Actually there was also a group of 3 micro-scale (but larger than that one) vipers flying off the port side.

I know 'cause one of 'em was mine. :)

Sorry I never did get the name of the builder of the Mosaic. :(

stenz said...
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stenz said...

The Mosaic was made by Ryan Wood aka Chief aka Lights. Or maybe it was his wife...

Kevin Blocksidge made some of the micros.

Lonnon said...

It was his wife, Katie, who built the mosaic. And it's full of awesome.

Chief said...

Howdy! The mosaic was built by my wife Katie, and the micro ships on the table were built by Kevin Blocksidge based on ships from the show.

The Vipers coming off the bottom of the mosaic are Chris Deck's design, and the chibi one in the top left corner is by Thomas Lockwood