Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I will spread my wings and fly.

Flickr user EdgeDonkey built this crafty little ship, The Aztec Gold. It is a most inventive use of the inca headdress piece. The look really conveys a sense of wings spread in flight.

Edit: As I was recently informed, edgedonkey is actually Mac Reddin, one of the new posters here at Microbricks. I am also, quite obviously, a newcomer to this blog myself.

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Mac Reddin said...

This is my creation lol. I am edge donkey. Glad you like it!

Robin Hood said...

Whoop!(insert embarrassed look here)......this just goes to show something...though I don't what exactly. Well at least you get to have some of your stuff shown off and not worry about seeming egotistical.