Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mini Castle Contest V

I'm a member over at Classic-Castle.com and every year I host the Mini Castle Contest.

This year the contest features a special category for miniature reproductions of offical sets. Go on and check it out. As entries start to appear we wil highlight some of them here.

Check out the previous four contests for other great MOCs, some of which have been posted here before.

Mini Castle Contest

Mini Castle Contest II

Mini Castle Contest III

Mini Castle Contest IV

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Anonymous said...

This sounds awesome, but man, I ain't browsing through 50-page threads to see all the old entries.

Robin Hood said...

I can understand that. However, each contest has less than 10 pages, if memory serves. Be strong and persevere.

Matthew said...

I am a closet micro builder. love your site!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is just amazing!
great on the hills and the tower is good