Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MCC Entry Review Part II

Continuing on my review of entries in the Mini Castle Contest, I go on to Brickshelf user Legostein aka Chris Deck entered a micro version of set 6074 Black Falcon's Fortress:

Instantly recognizable to all castle fans, Chris captures the set's look with the use of the 1x1 tile as a flag, and the yellow window frame as the entry arch. An excedingly small creation, but very obvious as to what it is.

We move on to bartosza6m's entry, which won the mini set category, 6081 King's Mountain Fortress.

A personal favorite of mine, this incorporates many cool ideas. From the simple 1x1 grey plates that make up the printing on the baseplate, to excellent tree on the corner, to the use of a cheese slope as the ghost, this little creation is excellently done. Very detailed, and very recognizable.

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legobart said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks! I'm happy to hear You liked my castle :D Cheese ghost is my favourite ;) (bartosza6m)