Friday, December 04, 2009

MCC Entry Review Part III

Way, way late in coming, but this is my third and final review of entries into the Mini Castle Contest. There are more than I reviewed of course, but some of them were already posted here, and you can always check out the thread if you want to see them all.

I'm going to finish it off with mentioned two of the honourable mentions that while I linked to, I didn't get a chance to discuss here. First off, Chris Wunz's Micro Castle.

The most obvious feature about it is of course the extreme micro scale of it all. You can't denine that this is probably about as small as you can build a castle and still reconize it as such. The little path added to it, as well as the use of the grill brick to create a field gives the ground some nice texture. Add to that a well thought out beach, and the nice use of clear bricks to show the surf, and you get a great micro castle.

The other one I will mention here is mahj's collapsible temple.

Of course, the thing that everyone's eye is immediatly drawn to is the fact that it is collapsible. Seriously, that very cool, and very well done. The creation looks complete when fully together, and completely hidden when collapsed. He also has some great detailing done with the tooth pieces and the technic collums. Also cleverly done is the how he stringed the leave pieces together so that when the temple emerges, it has vines over it.

Like I said before, there are many more entries, but I think it is way too late to continue doing more, so enjoy and I'll see you again next year.

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