Wednesday, September 15, 2010

micro crane

Over the years, AFOLs have come up with lots of different ways to represent continuous tracks in micro. Most techniques involve stretching a tire, like this or this.

This tank by Fredoichi uses the narrow Technic link chain wrapped around a Technic liftarm.

The designers at LEGO came up with a simple solution for the micro crane in the 2010 City Advent Calendar, set 2824. They used a Technic liftarm.

Other micro vehicles in set 2824 include a bulldozer, a fire truck, an airplane, and a helicopter. See them all in this photo review.


peter hoh said...

Managed to find a couple earlier examples of tracks on micro crane MOCs here and here.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if there was a connection between the Flickr traffic I saw and this post, and there it is in the comments!

I just wish I could have figured out a decent version of the top of that crane. It got scrapped not too many days later.

OTOH - it was useful a few years later when I did the combine harvester for the TWINLUG farm modules. (If I can just find a picture of it...)

peter hoh said...

Nathan, I bet there are a few designers in Billund who wish they
could have figured out a better version to the top of the 2824 crane, too. There are severe limitations for certain kinds of detail when working in microscale.

I think you did a great job with your tower crane. Too bad the string was kinky.

Maybe I should write a post titled "Kinky Micro Madness." That should drive some traffic your way.

peter hoh said...

Here's a better photo of David Pickett's crawler crane.