Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Maybe I shouldn't call this micro at all. The techniques are definitely micro, but these Smurfs by Spidertoutouille are probably actually larger than minifig scale.


Seb Toutouille said...

I think it's a playmobil scale :).

Bricktales said...

Okay, quick Google image search shows the Smurfs come to about Gargamel's knees. A minifig's waist is about five plates high, so we'll have to assume a fig's non-existent knees would be at about 2.5 plates. These smurfs are four plates high, which puts them at 1.6x fig scale. Perhaps these are to scale with a Duplo fig? What if these Smurfs were built of modulex instead? Okay, I've officially spent way too much time on this. :)

Seb Toutouille said...

Lol Great analysis. :)
Thanks for this share on your blog