Tuesday, October 08, 2013

A different view of Micropolis

On October 6, TwinLUG set up a display at a local library. There were a variety of MOCs: mosaics, minifig-scale creations, some children's games, and of course, Micropolis. At least nine builders contributed micropolis modules, with Max getting credit for the tallest skyscraper.

Additional photos from the display can be seen here and here.

Curious about what it looks like when it's packed up? The tall skyscraper goes into a massive cardboard tube. (Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a photo of that.) Most of Nathan and Jennifer's modules get packed into large plastic tubs, three of which are shown in this photo.

And this is what Micropolis looks like when it's loaded into a car.


Nathan Stohlmann said...

For those that might be curious, there are only three modules that ride at all loose: 1/3 of the Gorge, Octan Refinery, and WLGO Broadcast Tower. Everything else packs up pretty well into those five Sterilite 110qt Clearview Latch Boxes. Well, until we start building again anyway.

Anonymous said...

Gigantic work!