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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Contact me

If you have any microscale news or questions, there are three ways you can contact me:

1. At the bottom of any blog entry, click on the spot where it says "0 comments" and leave a comment.

2. Join in the discussion at Classic-Castle. I'm a regular poster at both of that forum, which is devoted to LEGO castle building.

3. E-mail me at bricktalesATgmailDOTcom.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Please, correct the LUGPol link: ->
Thank You!

Anonymous said...

I am BadLeo from
We would like to introduce your creations to our member with some of your creations' picture, would we do that?

reply me at badleo(at)


sqiddster said...

hey there,

just wanted to know if you could add our blog, to your list of active blogs, as we would like to see more readers and hopefully posters


Anonymous said...

hi I hope you are well, I was wondering if you'd be able list my blog: in your list of active blogs? please let me know! thanks, ken

Kim Ye-jun said...

Hello my fellow Blogger,

Good day to you! Can we exchange links? I will add your blog to my Blog Roll too if you want, just tell me. Please add my link to your site too. Thank you very much!

Here are the details:
Name: Jerick Info

Have a nice day!

Garth Danielson said...

here's the link to my Flickr page

and max

and Matt


FilipeLopes said...

Just wanted to sugest you to post about this creation here:

This is not even mine, but I thought it was awesome and should be part of this blog (the best) xD

monkeyboymesa said...

Here are some of my micro creations

Erik Rennick said... here is my url for my micro creations if you want to post them sincerely Erik