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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tower of London

Arthur Gugick has created a mumber of impressive creations of architectural landmarks. He's also got some great micro versions, such as his recent Tower of London and Independence Hall.

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Andy said...

Why haven't you highligthed LegoStein YET?

mijasper has nice micro trains.

Moko had some slick micro trains and cars

Ross from TCLTC has a moving micro train.
An intersting micro battle

mahjqa had the micro train moved by magnets

truedimensions had his micro farm

Brickbuilder had 2wide trains also

Unfortunately, mryoder deleted his BrickShelf account which had some good micro space.

Nabii/Mark Stafford has his Space Octan Refinery

Jerrec has his Swiss Space fleet

Hope that gives you something to write about.

Bruce said...

Thanks for all the great links. I knew of some of them, but others are new to me. I'm sure I'll get to these - I did just start this blog a few days ago, after all.