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Monday, July 20, 2009

Moon mission

A couple of years ago I started a short-lived feature here to highlight official sets built at microscale. I guess I let that slide, but for today's 40th anniversary of the moon landing, let's take a look at 7468 - Saturn V Moon Mission.

Back in 2003 LEGO released a line of six sets in the Discover - NASA theme. These were at a variety of scales, ranging from a ~1/8 scale Mars Rover, to a fig-scale Apollo 11, to a microscale International Space Station. This series was part of a partnership among LEGO, NASA and the Planetary Society, including a contest to name the Mars Rovers and, IIRC, images of minifigs who were on one of the Mars Rovers. Focusing on this set, it has models at 4 different scales, including three different microscales of the Saturn V, the Lunar Command Module, and the Lunar Lander (also a fig-scale Lunar Rover). This set had 178 pieces and cost $20 in the US. I don't recall if these sets had worldwide release or not - they're US-centric, but the moon mission is (post-cold-war) better seen as an adventure of mankind than of one nation.

Entries of this set at Brickset and Lugnet. Instructions at PICSL and Brickfactory. Inventory at Peeron. Buy it on Bricklink.

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