Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009: the year in review

A year ago, Bruce looked back at 2008.

Here's my brief look back at 2009.

The MicroBricks blog is no longer a one-man operation. Thanks, Bruce!

We've seen a rise in spam comments here. Grrrr.

Is it just me, or has Flickr become a much more important image hosting site for LEGO builders this past year? I think the tools (tags, notes, contacts, groups) are conducive to finding your way through the massive number of photos on the site. As of today, there are 637,983 images tagged with "LEGO."

Brickshelf is still the 900 pound gorilla of the LEGO image hosting, with some 3.1 million files.

The LEGO Group included a few micro-scaled items in The Winter Toy Shop.

In conjunction with Adam Reed Tucker, LEGO released four micro-scaled architecture sets in 2009: The Empire State Building, The Space Needle, Fallingwater, and the Guggenheim.

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