Monday, January 11, 2010

Neo Classic Space Carrier

Flickr user pasukaru76 has a great collection of MOCs inspired by the Classic Space theme. There's a nice mix of minifig scale and micro scale.

Hard to pick a favorite, but this Space Carrier caught my eye.

I especially like the all black background. Is it real or is it photoshop?

UPDATE: Pasukaru (whose real name is Pascal Schmidt) posted this description of his photo technique:
I shoot stuff like this by using a black T-shirt for background. Normally I just adjust the black point of the image so that the background really becomes true black. For this one I used a different approach, selecting the whole background (fuzzy select in GIMP with some minor manual adjustments and a 3 pixel feathered selection border) and then filling it with black. Works well if there is enough contrast between the model and the background.

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