Thursday, May 17, 2007

Set 5526 - Skyline (new feature!)

Welcome to a new feature here on MicroBricks! I'm going to regularly (weekly?) feature official LEGO sets built at microscale.

Our first set is 5526 - Skyline.

Back in late 2004, LEGO announced a new feature, LEGO Factory. Builders can download LEGO Digital Designer, a CAD program that allows people to design their own LEGO sets. They can then upload their designs so that they, and others, can buy the sets that they designed. To inaugurate the LEGO Factory, a contest was held that asked people to design microscale town creations, and the top ten picks were sold in set form. One of these is today's feature, 5526 - Skyline. This set, released in the summer of 2005, contains 2747 elements and cost US$130. My favorite portion of this set is the Statue of Liberty designed by Nathan Sawaya , whose microscale New York creations have been featured here before. Hot pursuit, by Nathanel Kuipers features vehicles for land, sea, and air. The two junior winners, Joseph Martin and Joseph Zekich added the Sears Tower and LEGO Corp office buildings, respectively.

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