Friday, February 01, 2008

OMG, like this contest is so over

The deadline is closed for entries to the Fanboy Cover Contest. Follow that link to see all of the entries. Just before the deadline, Chieflug, a group of Ryan Wood, Andrew Lee, Gary McIntire and Scotty Whitesell, came up with an amazing micro incarnation of the Omicron Weekend built by Keithlug, aka Keith Goldman,Ryan Rubino and Mike Rutherford.

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ry_wood said...

Why does everyone forget poor Mike Rutherford when referring to Keighlug? He's the Third Amigo of that posse! :)

Thanks for the mention, Bruce! ChiefLUG is glad to get some lovin' from the intarwebs, since our families were/are not so fond of us thanks to this project.

Bruce said...

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for the correction. I was just copying from the Classic-Space thread since I didn't know who all was involved. I've edited the post to add Mike.


ry_wood said...

Thanks, and I hope I didn't sound demanding or anything. I tried to make sure I was lighthearted about it.

Again, thanks for the love!