Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Military contest

The LEGO Military Flickr group is holding Group Build Contest 002. One of the categories is Micro, with two subcategories - battlefield and model:
The Micro scale category sort of expands on both the dio and model themes. The Battlefield subcategory should be built on at least a 48 by 48 baseplate and is your chance to depict a battle full of tanks, warplanes, artillery guns, etc all built to microscale. Do take advantage of the opportunity to include landscaping, roads, rivers, maybe trees, and/or buildings. The Model subcategory can be a model of any real life weapon of war. There is no strict rule for what scale it should be, aside from significantly smaller than minifig scale. As a rule of the thumb, if a person would be taller than about one brick in relation to your Micro model you are probably building too large.

This was recently discussed on LAML radio.

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