Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some micro reading

Three years ago Allan Bedford published the Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide. It's a great entry into learning how to build with LEGO, and at least at one point was sold in the official LEGO stores. I recently noticed that you can download and read Chapter 6: Microscale Building: More Than Meets the Eye for free. Regular readers of this blog and experienced microscale builders will probably find this a bit simplistic - remember, the intended audience is not the AFOL who's been building for decades but rather the beginner - but there are still some interesting things in there like a discussion of scales and some neat examples.

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Didier Enjary said...


You're miniland blog readers may also enjoy a french version of chapter 4.


Bricktales said...

Thanks, Didier. I'll link that from my other blog.