Wednesday, September 08, 2010

LEGO Micro Design class samples

I teach youth and family classes at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Over the years, I've developed a number of classes that use LEGO as a teaching tool. Topics include medieval technology, construction equipment, towers and bridges, cars, and space exploration.

Inspired by this blog, I created a class called LEGO Micro Design. We learn about scale and a bit about digital photography. But mostly, we build.

Students don't get to keep what they build. We use a lightbox to take photos, which are then uploaded to private photosets on Flickr, so the students have access to their photos.

Here are some samples of work that students have done in this class. I'll write more about this class and post additional photos in the next few days.


Doug said...

I'm looking for fans of LEGO to send in pictures of their creations to be featured in a new magazine called Beckett BUILD. Please contact Doug at to submit your creation.


Stephen Sherman said...

Your students have done some nice stuff.

I have a new Lego community site:
and would welcome you to join, and share your ideas.