Wednesday, October 17, 2007


BrickJournal Issue 9 is out! Be sure to download this, as this is the last free issue. Starting with the next issue, BrickJournal will be available in a print version. Follow the link above to learn more about subscription.

This issue has good content for the microscale builder. First up, there is a feature on French AFOL Eric Borrega and his Miniville microscale layout.

Kecia Hansen is another featured builder, and she discusses her microscale building along with other themes.

An article about Henning Birkeland focuses mainly on his large-scale cars, but also addresses his LDD micro designs

There are also instructions for a new Executor Super Star Destroyer by Chris Deck (Legostein) (personal site, Brickshelf gallery). In smaller microscale mentions, an article about Matt DeLanoy (Pepa Quin) shows his mini Millenium Falcon MOCs (alongside much larger models), and pictures from the 75th Anniversary Celebration in Billund include Burkhard Schlomer's (BrickCommander's) Imperial ships.

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