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Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Portuguese town

I'll get back to NWBrickCon, but not all of the action is in Seattle this weekend. Tania Baixinho, of LegOficina dos Baixinhos, has built this town, apparently for a trivia contest. I know she reads this blog, so if you see this, Tania, let us know more about this

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smcginnis said...

This is awesome! I especially like the water; but the houses and forest and street are great as well.


lbaixinho said...

I can answer about the contest... is a contest that we have at 0937 community. You can read the rules here:

About the MOC, I warn Tânia...:)

Anonymous said...


Well, if you take the forest out this really looks like my own village. This was one of fastest MOC I've donne until today. Like Luis said this his for a contest from 0937Community.
I really like microscale, I need time to study all the technics that I can use. This was my first experience in microscale City.
I feel that it's a bit to simple but well I've to start somewhere ;)