Thursday, October 04, 2007

Set 4891 - Highway Haulers

Set 4891, Highway Haulers, was released in 2006. It contained 209 elements and cost only US$10. As with other sets in the Creator and Designer lines, there were instructions for several models you could make using these pieces--in this case, six different vehicles--and also pictures of ten other possible creations as inspiration to the builder.

Brickshelf user zFERRY has posted pictures of all of the models with instructions and also several of the alternate models.

Set 4891 on Brickset and Lugnet. Instructions on BrickFactory. Inventory on Peeron. Buy it on Bricklink.

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Anonymous said...

USD$10!? That would make it around $12 here in Australia - I would've picked up one or even two in a second for that price, however it is available here for a crazy $25! - almost 18 months or more after it's release! I just don't get it, it doesn't even look like a $30 set - and probably why I still see it on shelves. For $15 it would've moved much faster - was this some wacky Australian pricing experiment? It shoulda been priced like 4939 Cool Cars - at AUD$13 I did in fact get two of those.


Bruce said...


I got that from the Lugnet guide, so I was afraid there might be a mistake, but I checked it with and it's still listed as US$9.99 (though it's sold out). Set 4939 is also at US$9.99.