Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Micropolis Collaborative Display at Brickworld 2009

With Brickworld 2009 being only 15 days away, it's time to get building!  This year, Roy Cook is in charge of the microscale collaborative display; and he asked me to share this with everyone:

The first-ever massive Micropolis collaborative layout will be held at Brickworld this year. Your task: To construct one or more Micropolis modules to add to the huge city layout. The micropolis standard can be found here and a number of sample MOCs built according to the standard can be found at the recent Micropolis 'Bad Day' building contest at Reasonably Clever.
We are hoping to have a HUGE layout, and already have a large number of modules confirmed.
Get building, and have fun!
So if you're going to be at Brickworld 2009 in Chicago, please check out the display.

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