Friday, June 12, 2009


If you're attending BrickWorld June 18-21, be sure to bring a micropolis standard module to add to a huge group display. Pbpancho made Hank's Junkyard, Micropolis is going green! and Micropolis city zoo for the Bad Day for Micropolis contest (not sure if he'll be at BrickWorld).

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Matt said...

I won't be there, but all my modules will be :) They will be making the trip with other TWINLUG members.

I also did the Octan HQ is burning! entry for the Bad Day category.

Mark Whiting said...

I love these. However, I wish people would take advantage of the Technic underneath more. You could make a nice looking cross-section a bit like David Macaulay's work.

Bricktales said...

"I won't be there, but all my modules will be"

Sorry you won't be there, but I'm glad your modules will. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of this huge micro layout.