Friday, June 19, 2009

Micropolis is here!

The first pics from BrickWorld are starting to come in, and were getting our first glimpse of the group Micropolis display from Nannan Z and Joe Meno. One thing Joe is doing that is quite cool is getting builders to pose with their MOCs, so here we see Nathan Stohlmann, aka nstohlma with one of his micro-modules. It's nice for those of us who haven't been to fests to put a face with the builder - so often I think of people by the avatar they use in various forums.

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Ochre Jelly said...

The "Team Micropolis" experiment has turned out to be a BRILLIANT move, judging by these Brickworld photos. The result is mesmerizing!

I would SO DEARLY LOVE to see this theme make an appearance at BrickCon too!

I think it demonstrates a really innovative genre of Lego building that would INSPIRE the younger Lego community.

Ted Godwin said...

A bunch of us in VicLUG have been ding Micropolis modules and we are planning more. I am sure we will bring ours to BrickCon so we cold easily hook up with anyone else who brings theirs.